Hiring Delay Mess - Self Created Trouble By Startups and Brand Impact


In recent weeks, many startups have hit the headline of print media for all wrong reasons and that is the delay of hiring new resources due to the strategic change of their business model. The whole process exposed the lack of communication skillets of the well established start up organization making the buzz around the globe.

In the last two years we observed the Bull Run by Start up to hire resources from reputed institute and treated as their pride which is now pinching them the most. As per the standard business practice, all organizations during their Annual Operation Plan (AOP) ensure that the visibility, strategy, execution process and resource requirements are locked-in and in that scenario, the failure to follow this process by many startups clearly indicate that coordination within the business unit is not seamless.

The aggressive push by the institution clearly indicate that they want to defend their reputation where their students are getting jobs in top organizations with fat pay package and at the same time supporting student's demand for the compensation for the delayed joining date which is not even confirmed joining date for them.

 It clearly indicate the early wave of downturn in many segments where well known startups operate and realized in due course that they have to train the students from scratch which ad to their cost.
The university's and college's  move to blacklist such organizations will have long term impact on the their hiring plan and as we all know about Indian Professionals that they are very cautious about their professional stability hence it would have another stretch point of retaining existing and attracting new talents.

My full sympathy is with students and wishes them all the best to get even better job at the earliest. More the hurdle more the success waiting for you. 

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