Impact Of Stress In Professional & Personal Life - You Need To Decide


As we moved from “rural to urban life”, “single floor apartment to multistoried one”, “from simple office to tinted glass office”; every one life changed for good as well as bad. Some of us managed to move forward in more demanding society covering both professional and personal front. Some of us got trapped in catch up situation.

With further evolution and typical human nature to match or compare himself or herself landed us in a scenario of continuous thinking process in proactively as well as negative manner. The constant evolution of technology and associated Industry pressurized professional to put in extra effort to keep catching up with fast changing professional requirement to safeguard their job and at the same time. compromised their personal life.

In one or another form most of us goes through number of instances everyday which piles on our stress factor. Sometime we manage to find out the reason of stress but most of the time we fail to even identify the reason and keep looking here and there to find out the solution.

If we look at most of the reports released by major research firm, Stress related problems are on the rise with double digit growth, Divorce rate is going up, Domestic violence is on the rise but all of us fail the two different aspect of stress and its impact.

Stress comes with one's capability to manage their professional and personal life under unwarranted situation and in some case we as a human is having a tendency to take unwarranted thinking process. Many top notch scientist generally goes through the maximum Stress but they manages to cope up with it because of their thought process. We all need to change our thought process and make ourself understand that Stress is not going to bring any happiness.

How Negative Thinking Based Human Gets Impacted By Stress And Its Ultimate Impact In His Or Her Life

ü  Negative thinking
ü  Always think that they are right and all others are wrong
ü  Keep thinking one thing continuously
ü  Adamant to be in closed environment
ü  Never try to listen other and change
ü  Blaming Attitude
ü  Escapist Attitude from unwarranted situation
ü  Non Social in nature
ü  Fluctuating decision making process
ü  Never trust anyone
ü  Rarely speak out
ü  & Many more

The Following Thought Process Impacts Anyone In The Following One

ü  Digestive system problem
ü  High Blood Pressure
ü  Irritable Bowel Syndrome
ü  Psychological problem
ü  Problem at home if married

If one look at the impact, Stress can be as harmful as disease which never let you live or die but to suffer in a situation which lands you in mercy situation

The Solution Of Stress Is Simple If One Really Want To Implement And Are As Follows

ü  Talk about your problem with your family
ü  Listen to other recommendation and try to implement it
ü  Make friends
ü  Do whatever you like to do which makes you happy
ü  Never think that you are weak and identify the area where you are strong
ü  Start writing whatever you want to write
ü  Always think that Stress is not going to give anything. Always " Give Tension & Never Take It" . For that enhance your skill in your area by allocating three hour when whole world is sleeping
ü  Cherish your small achievement and try to get more
ü  Talk to yourself and make yourself convinced that you are the only loser. Your near and dear one can only " Give you medicine but cannot take your problem"
ü  Think that it's my problem and i have to solve my own problem
ü  Get involved in activities which you hate the most
ü  Talk with your family and play with your kids
ü  Never think that you will lose job, Please remember that Company needs your caliber more than you need the Job
ü  In case your manager carry lack of knowledge and he or she is the reason of Stress then please ensure that you communicate or document everything and never argue with them. You can't make a donkey a monkey.

I strongly believe that if all of us will try to follow even few pointer and gets successful to achieve few; our and our near & dear one life will be prosperous.

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