Invest in Sintex Industries - Revival and Growth is visible


Sintax Industries suffered a bit in terms of profitability and debt repayment (FCCB) in the last 2 year due to very high capex to enhance the capacity. Now the first phase is already done and in their recent report which cover last 4 quarter, they have shown QoQ and YoY growth with the projection of 20% top line growth in 2017 along with the margin improvement.

Out of the 4 business segment, two business segments is already started contributed in big way to their profitability and expected that the remaining 2 business will be on top gear as economic state in India gets bit better.

The stock price is 40% lower than their peak and offer very good opportunity for the long term investor. Recent addition in F&O market from 1st of July 2016 will trigger heavy betting on stock. I expect bit of volatility in next two week.

Disclaimer - It's author opinion and please talks to your financial advisor before investing

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