Is India Government believe in Cess & Levy - Where we are heading ?


The Government of India post assuming office chalked out ambitious plan to clean India to change the image of India. The vision of government was very noble and launched the program with fanfare wherein everyone nominated their favorite to be part of it.

Indian Media in order to capture the user base, followed the organized events by the government and flashed images of ministers to local people trying to keep the street to colony clean. The opposition bombarded government and called it as PR activities. In order to generate awareness among the common people government spent heavily through print and digital media by allocating multi million $.

Time moved on and Indian citizen moved on and we all know what happened in Delhi when Local MunicipalCorporation went for Strike and whole Delhi get converted into Garbage Center. We all observed that all politician to local citizen kept talking and blaming each other including popular Indian Media houses but no one initiated collectively to clean the city.

As government spent heavily and in order to fill up cost, Finance ministry came out with fantastic Swachh Bharat Cess wherein there is no Cleanness. To be my utter surprise they started charging the cess attached with service tax and other taxes. If go by the collected tax and projections; finance ministry will be generating $1 Bn in FY17 but we don't see any changes on the ground.

In my point of view,  no one who got nominated by prominent personality is even bothering to go out to the street and observe the situation.

Country faced severe drought and Finance ministry came out with Krishi Kalyan Cess and expecting to garner around $800 Mn per annum.

Finance ministry observed that India is moving fast towards digital and mobile Internet and how to garner additional revenue from it so came out with equalization levy of 6% popularly known as Google tax. With growing digital and mobility business, they will be generating around $400 - $500 mn in tax collection per annum.

Now Raining season is coming and most of the metro cities will be flooded as there is no sewage mechanism and strongly believe that finance ministry will be coming out with Sewage cess.

I appreciate the initiation but it should be reflected on ground. I also do understand that it takes time to change the mindset of people but also believe that  government should not be squeezing common people in such a way that at the end they start thinking that their contribution is going under water. In point of view, The income tax payers should be kept away from above cess but non- paying  income tax citizen should be charged service tax and other cess. Would love to see everyone comment

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