News Aggregator Application Entry into India -Indian News Application Publisher shooting itself


The growth of Android and iOS mobile operating system based Smartphone coupled with high speed network attracted many players. One of them are news centric companies in order to grab more market share & reaching out to millions. It bypassed their previous limitation of global, regional or local level based on their dominance.

At the same time, the open source Android ecosystem and higher agility offering to user through mobility device forced many established player's to reduce their reliance on print segment and started adopting the mobile centric offering of news.

The dynamically Android provisioning mechanism of news feeds to user received very good reception by end user and the adoption of news applications were flooded in the market place. Many leading newspaper captured existing and new user which in-turned acted as inventory to promote third party application or generate advertisement revenue as the time spent by an active user is at higher end of the ecosystem.

The higher monetization potential in the news segment attracted many players who struggled to monetization of their application even after having 2 to 3 Mn DAU (Daily Active User) base.

In the absence of monetization & Stickiness, most of the companies reached out to blogger community to news paper application providers to get their feeds so that non performing application on the monetization part start generating revenue whereas News Applications provider thought that they will get the traffic and offered their feeds to news aggregator applications provider or third party applications provider with different content.

I want to remind News Application providers that they have spent Multibillion $ to acquire user and what was the need of that if at the end they decided to give their news feed to others. Why user will keep 10 apps of new but will prefer to have aggregator one.

In my point of view, its shooting on your feet All the best to such News Companies offering feeds to 3rd party.

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