Panasonic Mobile - Transition In Two Years From Bottom To Leader Quadrant

Panasonic Mobile once considered as dominant player across globe shocked world when they decided to pull out from Mobile Device production segment post multiple quarter of loss and mounting competition in 2013. At the same time, Panasonic catches the potential of selling Rebranded Panasonic Device in India and other parts of the globe through outsourcing model.

When Panasonic Launched their first device under rebranded outsourced model, the organization faced uphill task to move the inventory and decided to move slowly with product while improving the channel and sales team.
The team under India Panasonic Mobility head Mr.Pankaj Rana did fabulous job while designing the devices and more importantly focusing on device performance through rigorous testing model to reduce post disastrous misstep when some of the devices were launched with heating problem.

The coordinated branding by hiring the brand ambassador helped Panasonic Mobile to popular in youth segment as well as focused design started attracting Indian Smartphone buyer. By keeping the device price segment in two domain of 6k to 10 INR and 10K onwards; Panasonic strategy worked seamlessly to capture both prosumer and consumer segment.

Based on recent interview of Mr.Pankaj Rana across leading print media and his confidence of reaching 2500Cr to 3000Cr with 25 plus device launch during remaining part of 2016 is more on the conservative side. I also observed which many may overlooked that Panasonic Mobile will come out with low end Smartphone loaded with all feature should be considered as warning bell for many established player's in the Industry. The Total shipment of 3Mn device forecast by him is also on the conservative side.

Here Are The Reason Why I Think That His Statement Is On The Conservative Side

  1.  Even during the downturn in Smartphone sell through in the last couple of month, Panasonic Shipment is growing while competitor is struggling to maintain their shipment level.
  2. Every month shipment growth is around 12 to 15% and the percentage of data user is very high. It is a clear indication that Panasonic Mobile is very popular in prosumer segment.
  3. Most of the Panasonic Mobile User bases are data user.
  4. The Smartphone market will attain the growth path once replacement cycle will start from Sept or Oct 2016 as in India, replacement cycle is 1.8 years.
  5. Indian Smartphone market size for 2016 will be around 110 Mn and hence it will offer Panasonic to capture market share through their planned launch and especially enter into low margin but volume game centric cheaper device.
  6. It's the unmatched strategic and tactical maneuver of India Panasonic CEO Mr. Manish Sharma and Jaina Marketing India (P) Ltd MD, Mr. Pradeep Jain.

In My Point Of View And Assessment Done By My Organization

Panasonic will be selling around 4 Mn device in 2016 and will be in top 5 Smartphone seller in 2017 . Hats off to Panasonic Mobile outsourcing partner Jaina Marketing India (P) Ltd ; CMO Mr. Shashin Devsare visionary modulation of brand enhancement skill set. Keep going....

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