Refugee inflow in European Countries - Can Be Used To Trigger Economy


The crisis in Syria and Iraq recently propelled unwarranted situation in both the countries but Syria got more affected. The local citizen of Syria turned towards European and other adjourning countries to save their life but Europe observed major inflow and millions crossed their borders.

Many European Union attached countries welcomed them whereas many opposed them and blocked them at their boarder. Historically, Syrian society is known for friendly and calm people and is proud of their heritage. They have seen starvation instead of peaceful life back home during the long transition from one to another continent. Many lost their loved one and going through pain which i think none of the human being deserve.

European countries are known for expensive resource cost and many countries are facing the gap between younger and retired age group. As we all know that European countries are going through under major recession and they need to kick start growth and infrastructure and agriculture which is the easiest way to start growth.

What refugee group need is to have moral support and language training in order to get adopted within the society. Till the time they undergo the social adoption processes, many countries can put them on temporary job on semi skilled segment which is extremely costly is such countries. In that way, countries accepting refugee on humanitarian ground will not be coming under financial stress instead of that will be supported by the adopted citizens’ new avenue of revenue.

Think about it..

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