Reliance Jio Launching 4G Network & LYF Device - Confusing State


I am truly impressed with the kind of speed Reliance Jio owned LYF Smartphone brand is getting flooded in the market place. More impressive is the price point which is really very competitive and may offer competitor tough time to match. As per the report, Reliance Jio, placed multi million device order to its contract manufacturer getting the price benefits and implemented their refinery business model into wherein they are playing on volume with thin margin.

More interesting that its available across online and offline channel which in turn playing disruptive in the market place.

They have launched some of the device wherein mentioned categorically mentioning the supported network but one needs to understand that in wireless network there are different categories and Reliance Jio is launching 4G network offering very high speed of data transfer which is very much dependent on Network.

Some of the launched devices are as follows and one can observe the RAM and Battery specifications.

Water 5.0, 1GB RAM, Battery 2000 mHA

Flame1, RAM 1GB, Battery 2000 mHA

Flame 6, RAM 512 MB Battery, Battery 1750 mHA

Some of them are for GSM but it should be communicated very clearly to end user as most of the user by now in India is aware that Reliance is going to offer very low priced data. In that case the adoption of such devices at the lowest possible rate will be flying out of the shop in no time.

Just to add that the mentioned devices even with 1GB RAM and mentioned battery will  not be efficient enough to give good experience on 4G network as it is more on the data and that too video centric. Even though Reliance Jio offer best network, device battery will dry out in no time and will face heating problem.

What i can understand that Reliance Jio wants to grab the market share in device market to ensure multi billion $ valuation of that business unit while making its loss marking service business turn out to be positive.

In my point of view, Reliance Jio must go to market with an advertisement that LYF device support all network and not dependent on only Reliance Jio network so that they grab market share even more quickly. Right now it's very confusing which I believe they should correct.  Keep going 

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