The Thin Line between Failure and Success - 3A's


The economical environmental change which is happening constantly impacted the parameters of Success and Failure of each and every individual. The assessment of Success or failure is one of the most difficult aspects for anyone as it is linked with intrinsic nature of Individual.

The followings are the KPI's which we need to keep in mind to analyze the thin line and accordingly define the refine or define the path to grow further or mitigate the fall.

1.      Approach - Every Individual approach towards the professional and personal life is the benchmark of Success and Failure.  I would like to divide the approach into two segments as Positive or Negative.

Positive Approach -The positive impact of Positive Approach - Many individual tends to tilt towards the positive approach of taking any action or reaction subject to circumstances. Positive approach leads to peace of mind, enhances thinking process, Increase the capability of Introspection and subsequent improvement, Calm Nature, Increase confidence. The positive approach always reduces the presumption based behavioral aspect and turns into reality based practical behavioral aspect to taking any assignment to conclusion.

Negative Approach - The individual tends to move with negative approach actually dig their grave by themselves. Negative approach always force individual to take action on the presumption and assumption. They work on, "If this than that" without even starting any action. The approach impacts the nerve system of Individual and subsequently they tend to play blame game more than investing time on the actual activities for which they are accountable for. The individual falls under this category generally face anxiety, Low confidence, Stress, Inferiority complex, Tends to stay away from Crowd and always tends to follow instead leader.

2.    Attitude - The another aspect which may impact the success vs. failure probability is Attitude. The individual carrying positive attitude always tends to initiate any activity by them. They carry the go getter attitude and always tries to learn from others and are the one who takes the criticisms on their stride with an intention to improve. The attitude leads the individual to stand differentiated among 1000's. The negative attitude individual just gets into depression and spoils their professional front as they lack the attitude to trust someone and always doubt other recommendations.

3.    Adoption - We all in our professional and personal life travel across different geography wherein partners to workplace carry different race and religion. It is utmost important to respect every race, religion, culture and food of every country. Individual taking the first step to reach out to others with good communication and listening capabilities and tries to understand the geographies to organization to society or city culture tends to get the warm reception but at the same time the other individual who tends to criticize are generally left alone. Its a common criteria that if one make the first move always gets better chance to be adopted into the system rather than the section of individual waiting the other side to approach them.

As a conclusion, The thin line is nothing but our thinking process. Trust, Communication, Respect and Help are the sub section which can take any to the brighter side of success.

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