Transition Required Worldwide - United Bombing Center To World Food Center

 Post World War 2, all countries decided to create an environment where people can leave peacefully. The atom bomb on two cities of Japan showed the whole world the destruction impact on humans and its generation. Post war two group got created and that led to cold war between USA and Soviet Union which again landed as in a situation of 3rd world war.
At one side, developed countries were busy in showing their strength and spent billions whereas many countries in the absence of support from developed countries turned into economical and cultural trouble.
The fight of dominance also brought the best of Technology in all domain and started changing the human life. Developed countries captured United Nation indirectly and started dictating the world. Most interesting act was the security council. I failed to understand the inclusion of UK and France and the veto power to china and USA.
Some time I feel that United Nation lost its relevance by now. The emergence of Soviet Invasion in Afghanistan and USA support to local to fight Soviets started the terrorist culture and many terrorist group which received unlimited funding.
Now, the learning we provided is turning the world into United bombing center and now no one guarantee where and when bomb will fly.
At the same time many countries are reeling under drought and people are suffering from Hunger. Children's are dying but we are dropping bomb and developing cutting edge destructive ammunition.
Can't we all which include all counties come to common platform and agree upon that whatever ammunition we are developing and the budget we allocated, we will deduct that by half and will help poor countries where really the need of food is there will be taken care off. Many countries sells Food grains and make foreign currency. Cant we just agree that we will give the same to people who needs to fill their stomach.
It's surprising that we are throwing Trillions of $ in arms but cant spend or give away Billions for human beings. Let's make our society as United Food center.
It's my personal view.

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