Trust NOT the Money is the foundation of Relationship, Happiness, Peace & Prosperity


In today's world everyone is disturbed for one or another reason. For example, someone is not getting job, another is having family or health problem, someone is not getting married and X,Y,Z. All leads to anxious moment in life and we as human first run towards religious center for guidance.

In my point of view, everyone should be religious but should have the trust on God that God is giving the entire problem to make all of us to go through the process to make our life even better.

We generally having a tendency to think that if one is having money or materialistic means then we are happy in all front whereas the close one only come and offer their moral support, having lunch or dinner and then forget about one's problem.
At the end:

who is having problem - It's you!

Who needs to solve it - It's you

Who needs to make an effort - It's you!

Who will gain - It's you!

But we as human miss that part completely because when time is tough, most of us go negative about anything or everything. We miss to recognize that there is always someone in your life directly or indirectly, are it blood or non blood relation cares for you. You just need to have an eye to catch that.

Human always lack Trust factor, be it any geography and doubt other side. We all should first learn to trust someone first. It helps you to take out your entire problem and sometime you get an answer by revealing your problem. 

On a contrary, we tends to carry two mask on our face and never carry to guts to say thank you and appreciate someone for their helps once we go through the rough patch. Once we do implement simple theory of Trust, we get lots of true well wisher who comes forward and help us to sail through the tough time.

During that process, one only needs the first kick of success and that motivates one to pass through the entire hurdle.It is also utmost important to keep remembering the tough time and keep appreciating the people who were around you when you went down. During good time, you should be careful of your surrounding as many opportunistic people will be around whereas the actual trustworthy people will be sitting on the bench and looking at your stupid move.


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