Alcoa Inc. Earning Report Transcript On 11th July 2016 - Indication Of Economic State & Great Investment Opportunity


Alcoa Inc is going to start the US earning season kickoff and will indicate the state of economy. For the last 2 year, company is facing dwindling earning due to glut in Aluminum market price and lackluster demand from key sectors like auto and aerospace.

The share price of $9.9 is very attractive entry point for the value investor and investor may require to be invested for next 3 to 4 quarter to reap in the solid return.

The replacement market trend indicates the revival of replacement cycle which will push the price of commodity to a level which will add to company EBITA.

The base of the company is very strong with very entrenched reach within the auto and aerospace industry. The expected upturn of auto and aerospace industry post the slow and steady recovery of US economy will act as fuel for the organization. Its advisable to invest before they release their result post the trading day of 11th July 2016.

Disclaimer - Consult your financial consultant before investing

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