Android OS is bound to Loose Market Share to Indus OS in India - It's Unavoidable Given Ongoing Circumstance


With the invention of open source Android OS released by Google changed the world of mobility across global. It helped world to communicate seamlessly through the seamless support of OTT. More than 2.5 billion device with Android OS is already in circulation worldwide. 

The unimaginable adoption and growth turned Google to use the inventory as money minting machine. In India, Android OS continue to dominate and thanks to Chinese ODM vendors who adopted Android faster than anyone and Indian player used to blindly import the device with their logo patched in on the top to tap in the growing demand.

Indus OS captured the pain point of Indian consumer and Mr.Rakesh Deshmukh, the CEO of Indus OS decided to take on Android OS head on. Indus OS offer 14 plus language with multiple feature which is simple to use and as the per the need to mass Indian userbase With the support of Angel investor, organization successfully demonstrated their product innovation to the market place and now 4 Mn plus device is in the market place with Indus OS. 

The recent development are even more encouraging when home grown device manufacturer turned their focus towards rural sector to get their device sold as they are facing stiff competition in Urban marketplace. Indus collaboration with Micromax and successful adoption of such devices carrying Indus OS offered instant confidence in their Operating System. 

Today, Celkon and Swipe came to their fold and many other Smartphone players such as lava, iball, Intex, Karbonn will be joining the bandwagon very soon as it is known fact in India that if One do and get successful then others just follow as they learn from the leader.

I believe that FY 18, will be the year of Indus OS. In my point of view, Indus OS will easily capture 10% plus market share in FY 17 and around 30 to 35% market share by FY18.  It is the high time for Google to change their strategy to secure their turf. I also believe that Intex recent launch of Smartphone with Saliish OS is also not a good sign for Google Android ecosystem.

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