Apple Equity Price Is Expected To Break The Losing Trend - Bound To Offer Excellent Result On Investment


Post Apple iPhone 6 range of device and continuous struggle in China prompted many die-hard investors of Apple to book profit with negative perception that Apple is losing the competitive edge over the competitors in lucrative market. Samsung blockbuster 6 series added the fuel without any doubt. The share price went down in high double digit and fear factor gripped the investor.

It's really laughable that the company like Apple future don't rely on the success of one product. Apple cash cow is its software business with strong EBIT level. It’s correct that they struggled with their new range of device but they are still the first choice of premium customer base worldwide. It’s no considered as Product Company but a status symbol for the end user.

It is expected that Apple will refine or position new range of product line in both wireless and wire line business during their Sept - Oct period Product refreshment.

It is also widely expected that they will go for acquisition spree to pick small an innovative companies and use their cash hoardings.

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