Best Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi Failed When Representing Country Flag


Football is one of the most popular game and generate Billions of $ and support many industrial sector directly and indirectly. Football madness can be seen in Europe and Latin America from where most of the legend came and hoping that the trend will continue in coming future.

Currently, worldwide footballer as well as spectator are madly in love with Ronaldo and Messi for their class and consider their dribbling as one of the best. If they represent any club considered as guarantee for the success of that club. Messi single handedly took Barcelona to multiple tournament final as well as success whereas we don't need to talk about the class of Ronaldo. His presence in the field means success for the club or country as opponent put their entire defence to mitigate Ronaldo quick movement in the field.

Strangely, When it comes to representing their countries both Messi and Ronaldo failed miserably. Let's take the recent COPA cup where Messi missed to take the country to the conclusion whereas Ronaldo managed to win the European cup but his performance was not as per his standard and I must admit that the win came because of very strong defence of Portugal team.

In my opinion, Ronaldo and Messi should not be burden with sense of performance accountability while they represent their counties. Even though it's our pleasure to see them showing their magic legs movement and wish them all the success in their life

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