Brain is Nothing But a Generator of Determinations - How to Use it to Define Your Life


We all human beings are running behind success and get bothered very easily with setbacks. We always tends to give excuses for our failure whereas always tries to take credit for oursuccess. Some of us carry a laid back attitude whereas other's carry positive attitude. In a scenario, if we face issues around personal and professional life then we intend to squarely blame it on circumstance without doing it introspection about our handling power to be out of such circumstances.

Our brain is not but a super computer with uninterrupted generator of positive and negative thoughts running all the time. The negative rays lead us to a situation where we tend to put our self in sorry state and always tries one or another way to be the escapist in order to place themselves in their comfort zone. These kind of human always find themselves as a follower but always complain.

Whereas the positive ray catcher tends to challenge the challenges and always believe in giving a shot before thinking about the result. These category base human are very aggressive and talks their mind loud and clear which makes their presence felt.

The positive thought process human always excel in their work and fall under the leadership quadrant. In a tug-n-war scenario of life, one should learn to talk with their brain and convince it to be the positive generator and should posses a capability of fighter.

Even a slight success of fruitful discussion with brain can change one's fortune. Many of the reader will laugh on my article but it’s my recommendation that they should try before making an opinion.

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