How Indian Startup Turned Into Devil From Darling Within Two Quarter


It is really interesting and surprising to observe the dynamic change of business viability within the investment community towards Startup. It's long before when anyone and everyone want to be part of startup bandwagon with very strong collective voice that India is going to be the center of Innovation, E-Commerce and Service.

Even more shocking that many Ex-CEO of reputed organizations started their investment fund as well as turned into MENTOR role. The virtualized form of publicity funded by big fund players even prompted Indian government to offer multiple incentives to Startup community to ensure that "New era of Employment" culture happens in India.

I, in my personal opinion always stood the other side of the table and kept raising my voice about non viable business case across sectors and many kept on giving me the news about fat E-commerce organization funding news.

One marked down of Flipkart valuation by leading investment firm, turned the perception of investment community about the profitability to sustainability of business
Isn't it laughable; how investment guru's can go wrong in their business model within weeks? That's reminds me of Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala statement about business model sustainability of Indian E-Commerce Companies and that is the reason that he is one of the best in his investments.

It raises few question marks around the handling of business such as lavish office, parties, and promotions, pay package, paid PR.  The investment community kept on investing in those firms even after the gaps being clearly visible in the fear of losing side.

In my point of view, Successful investment assessment happens at Metro Station to Bus Stop to College Campus instead of Air conditioned business lounge of 5 Star Hotel's. Root level market intelligence is the foundation of business model which should be so flexible that it should be refined on the fly supported by the alternative revenue stream.

I really feel bad for the startup for being portrait as Devil from Darling within two quarter for others mistake.

I still believe that lots of good startup is still in the market place but they are not noticed because they don't believe in paying PR cost just to tell the world that they received $100k seed funding :).

It's the right time for the investor to jump in and pick the quality company to average out their losses.

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