Indian Mobile Advertisement Player - Shooting Blindly


The Smartphone adoption and subsequent flood of startup's with mobility centric focus changed the dynamics of Advertisement market place. Few years back all brand were focusing on print or TV media whereas in current environment mobile advertisement segment is attracting investment as well as attention from the startup focusing on Mobile Application reaching out to Advertisement Network to acquire additional userbase to justify the investment they received from the investor as well as asking for further investment by showing growing Daily Active User's.

The double digit growth in Smartphone also prompted Ad Networks to enhance their platform to ensure that they deliver the number what Mobile Application providers are asking for. Most of the Ad Network made the fortune in the last 4 years and many new player jumped in to milk out easy revenue stream. The rush by the Application developer flushed in with funding helped the ecosystem grow faster than Industry but completely missed the attached innovation required to serve the end consumer as per their need as well as to acquire quality user with higher retention percentage. 

The Mobile Advertisement sector innovated unique mechanism to incentivize end consumer to get the download wherein tried to reduce the Cost of user acquisition for Application provider. Most of the incent wall offer recharge on he data and voice side but they don't tell end user that at the end they need to pay for  the data. In that scenario, end mobile user is paying more than what they are getting as return from these incent wall. On a contrary, The incent wall offer application listing to end consumer without knowing anything about it. I am writing the above as I have done extensive research on the pain point of end consumer what is being enforced onto end consumer. If one ask Mobile Advertisement company about it then they say that end user can block this by choosing disable advertisement which is generally placed in Non Incent wall.

The Indian Mobile Advertisement companies as well as Application Developer must move to next level of innovation by offering options to end consumer only post knowing end consumer.

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