The Flaw's in the Ongoing Smartphone Review's - Sponsored Review Are Always Deceptive


Indian Smartphone device sector is full with wide range of devices and most of them offer one or another unique feature. Isn't it; If the answer is no then one's assessment is totally correct. 90% of the Smartphone sold in India are procured from China directly or indirectly. The software developed by majority of the device manufacturer is developing in-house to maintain the cost efficiency. Everyday Smartphone players are throwing their weight by launching multiple devices in the marketplace followed by much targeted marketing blitz. No one is sparing any stone un-turned to ensure new user acquisition.

It is really surprising to see that many newspapers to digital media companies publish reviews Smartphone devices with star rating.

I would like to remind them humbly; Smartphone carry no value and its real performance can only be carried in real network environment.

How camera is performing or screen type is carry importance but should not be the parameter's for recommendation to buy or reject a device.

The parameter should be revolving around the performance of the device with respect to different network condition as it impacts the device more anything else.

I would like to throw a query to my respected reviewer's that what would be the impact of multipath on Smartphone with different use case model.

The gap in the review mechanism also helps many Smartphone players to sell their devices in the market place which should be thrown out of the market place. 

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