Why India Lost his Edge in BPO segment


Once the darling destination of Global companies for their backend and customer support service, India lost ground faster than water flowing during flood. Year of 2005 to 2009 were considered as golden period for Indian BPO sector and every one were jumping in the business as an opportunistic investor to mint money. Global companies defined the processes and trained Indian professionals in order to execute the job but unfortunately India failed to showcase its strength in the BPO sector the way it showed it to IT sector. The reasons are many but some of the basic error which companies did turned out to be suicidal and those are as follows:

1.       Data Integrity mechanism were flawed
2.       Gaps in Training and Retraining
3.       Outsourcing of work
4.       Behavior with the Client
5.       Cheating with Clients
6.       Committed vs Delivered Delivery
7.       And many more

Few incident of data theft by an employee came to International media which made most of the
companies suspicious about ethical processes. The South East Asia based countries took the opportunity and grabbed most of the business of India and in turn India lost value Foreign currency as well as millions of citizens lost their job.

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