Donald Trump Should Forget to be the Next President of USA - Competitor of His Own; Hillary Clinton should Relax


I am following USA presidential race very closely for the last 2 decade but never felt that candidate attitude and approach can go so low. Post Democratic Party convention, Donald comment on Muslim Soldier mother is unwarranted. At the same time, his defence on his sacrifice for USA is indefensible. His request to Russian President Mr. Putin to get Mrs. Hillary Clinton email hacked shows his perception about Mr. Putin. Mr. Donald Trump, you placed Honourable President of Russia under Hacker group.

I would like to ask Mr. Donald Trump few queries:
  • ·         How many Muslim Client your great hotel severed since its inception! Learn to respect religion. you are running for USA presidential election.
  • ·         How many Muslim & Hispanic worked till now for your organization? Why you or your management offered them the job when you hate them so much. If anyone from those communities worked for you then you should be sorry. They Sacrificed their life for your comfort.
  • ·         How you will bring peace in Middle East when you already showed your intentions about Muslim and openly commented that you will bar them to enter into USA?
  • ·         How you will improve your relationship with China, North Korea and Iran?
  • ·         How you will change your law which will force companies to bring back their cash which is stashed aboard to avoid US tax law?

  • ·         How you will bring down the Country debt level? Since you are master of business and hence all should expect this answer and also the time frame?
  • ·         How you will change the mind of borrow innovation to create one?
  • ·         What will be your policies towards Cuba and Venezuela?
  • ·         By when you are promising to put in wall on Mexican border which run in 1000's of km?
  • ·         What will be your policy to attract manufacturing in USA instead of relying on China?
  • ·         How you will control some of your allies who openly support non social activities?
  • ·         How you will bring security in USA based School and Colleges where shooting is very common these days.
Its very easy to come out and give big talk on the basis of well educated advisor note but very difficult to implement. Your notion that Muslim's are bad is incorrect. You should learn respect Muslims or any other community. you should invite them and discuss the problem. In the similar way immigrant or Hispanics are not from different planet but human beings. If you want to throw them out then rest assured that USA economy will crumble again. Undermining other countries head of state or keeping such a low mindset show the negative mindset.

Hillary Clinton should be worriedabout her competitor as he is a competitor of his own. The recent poll of showing Donald Trump closing the edge will evaporate and once there will be F2F debate on American TV when his advisors will not be there then his real knowledge set will come out in Open and that will be the transition point.

Mr. Donald Trump, Arrogant people always fall without support. Still its not late and change your attitude towards society, religion and embrace all of them. Then only you will have some change.

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