India GST Bill - What's there for Taxpayers


Indian Media to Parliament is talking about GST bill passage and considering it as game changer for the growth of both States and Country. Everyone is forecasting that correct implementation of GST will remove multiple taxes like Octroi, Service tax, Cess and other with single GST taxes. 

It is really overwhelming news for the business w.r.t to ease of doing business in India and its impact on overall cost of the goods. At the same time, it will also increase the consumption which will indirectly attract FDI towards India. I want to know being a naive in taxation that how I will be beneficial being  Indian citizen. At the end of the day  I have to pay 18% if I go out with my family for vacation to eating joints on top of regular tax paid by citizens. Is there any provision in GST which resolve the double taxation in one way.

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