Indian Mobile Advertisement - Opportunity for Disruptive Innovation Player


This article is in continuation to my earlier article " Indian Mobile Advertisement - ShootingBlindly". In my point of view, it is important to know the problem before identifying the opportunity out of it. In my previous article, I categorically pointed out that how blind communications channel impacted the advertisement dearly both in adoption, usages and return on investment.

Still the segment is not fully evolved wherein End users are offered advertisement as per their needs. There are few companies who tried to execute the location based targeting based on the contextual behavioral pattern of the user but they failed to yield any result. The continuous struggle by the Advertisement sector prompted advertisers to change their model and started focusing on retention and Return on Investments. The move is going to impact Incent wall players in coming months while companies engaged in innovation which comprises of Indian regulation would be able to come up with disruptive model as it will help them to identify the end user for today or tomorrow. In my point of view, Even big advertisement giant from all geography missed that part in big way. Article can be considered as indicator where innovator may choose to think. If anyone want more information are free to ping me anytime.

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