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Vedanta owned listed company Hindustan Zinc Limited is one of the Jewel. The Indian government also own the part of the company and time to time uses its cash to generate cash for the government. Recently Hindustan Zinc limited announced 1200% special dividend post government put pressure to announce the same. It impacted its other earning segment and overall impacted the result.

With the Indian economy on the path of recovery, I believe that commodity based companies will do extremely well. HZL still sitting on multi billion $ cash and its debt free company. Vedanta group is trying hard to buy government share to fully own HZL which will impact indebted Vedanta Group corporate rating by rating agencies.

It is advisable to play the strategic move with long term delivery based buying during dip and hold the equity with a horizon of 3 to 5years. I am sure that in any scenario, high yield HZL will give strong return.

Play out with its cash position, handsome dividend, Vedanta eagerness to buy government share and economy recovery.

Disclaimer - Take the advice from your financial advisor before investing

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