Rajnikant The Superstar Who Can Standstill Country

Today I am talking about a very strong and interesting personality Mr. Rajnikanth and I term him as an a superstar who can standstill country, given the recent release of his film Kabali .A 65 years old south Superstar who is still showing his talent with his blockbuster movies.The Kabali had already earned a 3 hundred and 50 crore revenue within a 6-7 days ,none of the another Indian films did it till now. We should learn from him that what he do and how he can help our country.The most important thing is that he always available for his people and his fans anytime that shows his kind nature toward its people.

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shaswat mukherjee
Tuesday, 2 August 2016 at 10:38:00 GMT-7 delete

he is considered as God in Tamil Nadu.The people there worship him.A fantastic actor