Recent Terror Attack Started Showing its Impact on French Industry


French the central focal point of most dreaded terrorist group and continuous attack on innocent people in France shattered the social life. The sequence of blast to shooting and subsequently imposition of emergency started taking toll on overall confidence of citizen as well as Industry. The Industrial production went down by 0.5% in May followed by strike by Oil and Refinery sector because of Oil sector transformation. The fall in industrial production of coking and refinery sector coupled with food industry led the overall fall in Industrial production by 0.8% in June. It is also expected that the industrial production fall will continue for next few more months before getting stable. It is very important that the sentiments of French society overcome the shocking assaults on them and should try hard to move forward. The fall of industrial production will lead to industrial restructuring and subsequently may lead the country into recession which will be major setback for EU associated countries. In my opinion, French government will do everything to ensure that its citizen and industry sentiments goes up and kick start the growth path gains

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