Samsung Should do a Survey to figure out the accident happen when user uses Headphone Jack - Apple will get an Edge


According to the report publishedin Times of India, there have been rumors that Apple might be dropping  the idea of removing Headphone jack in his upcoming phones IPhone7, IPhone 7 plus. Instead, headphones will have to connect to your phone either via Bluetooth, or through a Lightning connector. Also at the recent event in New York while revealing the Samsung Note 7 featureand specification, Samsung Marketing VP Justin Denison made a sarcastic comment that his device comes with a headphone jack "Want to know what else it comes with?" He asked. "An audio jack. I'm just saying," he added with a quirk as the audience laughed. He didn’t mention exactly that what he is talking about but it's clear that he was commenting Cupertino-based Company.

Also its not yet clear that Applehas decided to remove the Jack, they are more focusing on to make their product water resistant than IPhone 6 and 6 plus and that elimination may result in extra space that can be used for other components as well. Things are not yet cleared it just a rumor. According to a report in BBC 3 Lakh people signed a petition urging apple not to remove its headphone jacks and at the same time that petitioner should understand that there are more than 100 mn users are using Apple device.

Most of the accident happens when user is using phone with headphone while driving and ignoring the traffic. Similarly, in developing countries user uses headset while crossing the road or shopping. If rumors around Apple comes true then it's basically an act of saving life of end user and if they even manage to save one life then also its worthwhile. It's not always money, human life is more valuable.

Releasing date of iPhone 7 is september of 12 2016 -

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