Second Phase of Startup Funding Happening Around Enterprise Business Segment


The recent glut in Indian Startup segment focused towards D2C or C2C or B2C and failed in big way other than few exceptions. Post burning their fingers, many investors pulled down the ongoing investment or went very cautious while approving funding. Most of new investment in Startup' happening in Analytics to B2B segment. During the first phase of Startup, most of the startup kept end user as prime customer without any business model. They kept burning cash to acquire user and keep losing them. The phase two of startup segment is focusing business to business channel as end customer.

Now Enterprise Mobility reappeared after few years of lull. We all consider Enterprise Mobility as Email access through BYOD. Earlier most of the businesses were reluctant to open their contextual based server access due to security concern.

In current environment, many startups are working or offering business to business trading platform connected with Commerce whereas connected the businesses through secure communications. The mechanism of pull request initiated push response helped startup to create virtual network without compromising the engaged partner.

In my point of view, most of the Enterprise now wants to reach out to their potential customer to partners through single communication channel and offering them seamless button based solution. The next one year will be critical to get evolved and may bring newlease of life in Startup segment of India.

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