Smartphone Player's Using Online Portal Based Sell is Going to Lose Market Share in Coming Months in India


Indian Smartphone sell through mechanism is again taking a U turn towards the retail segment. It is a known fact about Indian consumer that they love to get attracted towards the discount and never loses that opportunity. The sudden growth in online segment fueled by investor money and subsequent rush by those online players to attract userbase landed many International as well as domestic Smartphone companies to mint out the sell. The Online industry also understood it well that Mobile Smartphone and accessories is one of the area which will bring user onto their portal and it happened.

The international players more specifically tapped Online companies to enter into Indian market as well as to grab the market share without losing anything. On a contrary, Online companies lost millions of $ to gain as well as retain the userbase.

The slide in online companies funding forced them to reduce the discounting which is now reflecting in their market share going down to 31% from 37 % as per  published report. Companies like One plus, LeEco, Cool pad, lenovo, In Focus and host of other companies heavily relies on Online companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Snap Deal as well as smaller player for the major chunk of their sale through exclusive launch of their Smartphone through mentioned E-Commerce  portal. The reduction is discounting will neutralize the E-Commerce portal based pricingwith retail pricing.

It is evident that in coming months, Smartphone player's relying heavily on E-Commerce portal will see drastic fall in their sell and it may lead to recalibration of market leaders to laggards

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