Why Indian IT Giant should enter into Mobile Application Market place


As we all know that India is the place of Information Technology and global firms opinion is simple- "Indian Software engineers can do anything". Indian IT companies design to manages complex systems world over and are very competitive. The global economic glut even created more opportunity for Indian IT firms given their competitive pricing power. The global serving companies also adopted Indian IT firms approach and now price war situation is in the marketplace during new contract or renewal of contract.

Last three years global IT environment changed wherein startup's started taking the center stage with tons of funding by PE, VC or Hedge fund and attracted the best mind of the IT industry. The change in dynamics increased the attrition rate in IT industry especially in India. It impacted Indian firm in training, retraining and retaining cost and ultimately started impacting their margin.

In my point of view, most of the Indian IT firm are cash rich with number of resources sitting on bench. Indian IT firms should open startup business unit and start developing their own services or platform or application covering both B2C and B2B segment.

Down the line, post successful adoption of product line from Startup business unit across global level given their current reach, they can easily transfer those product line and get the valuations. In my point of view, they can reduce the risk factor attached with current  or future IT spending and at the same time create value for their shareholders.

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