4G Blame Game Between Airtel and Reliance Jio - Why Only Airtel, Vodafone & Idea Not others


The ongoing war of words between Airtel and Reliance Jio is nothing but new business strategy. If one look at the news reports, 90% of the blame is targeted towards Airtel.

It's also interesting to know that 2 Cr call drop is happening just because of that and it indicate the number of subscribers Reliance Jio acquired in recent weeks.

We failed to hear any statement from Reliance Jio that X number of call failure because of Reliance communications, Aircel, BSNL which is controlling more than 27% of the total wireless user Base.

It means that Reliance jio received full cooperation from them and there is no issue when it comes to MNP for those users who want to port in on to Reliance Jio, No call drops or negligible call drop. If yes or no, Reliance Jio should release the statement to justify their statements.

It's being observed that the three bugs are on Reliance jio hit list whereas the others are in ignores list.
As claimed by Jio that the call drop problem is not there in Jio to Jio call and they might be right whereas they should understand that in a scenario of jio to other network, interoperability plays a key roles. Reliance jio cannot just throw Airtel claim indicating that there must be issue with Reliance jio network but should work closely with Airtel to rectify the bug and fix it.

I kept on writing in my previous article that Reliance Jio is going to face the. music once concurrent user base will increase and we can feel the pain point attached with Reliance jio.

Being a keen learner, I kindly request Reliance Jio to release the call failure rate because of non top three.

In my point of view, Reliance jio should stop thinking that their network is the best and they may get their way all the time. Collaboration is the way to innovation not blames game.

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