Aadhar Integration with Mobile Phone - Missing the Masses


Indian Telecom regulatory body wishes to integrate Aadhar  Id with mobile phone to streamline one unique identification number. Very good initiative from regulatory body as well as government.  Even more encouraging that most of the Indian as well as International mobile phone companies are                         
Working on integration process. The integration of biometric mechanism will again be integrated with Smartphone devices using American based Technology company product line. At the same time Google and Apple   is opposing the move citing privacy and hacking concerns. INDIA with more than billion Aadhar card holders and around billions wireless users, the move is really appreciable but the move half  hearted. 

While chalking out the plan no body is bothered about those users who are not using smartphone. 
When government is focusing on those citizens who are deprived off government help as well as tracking the trend of government policy implementation but mostly those users are residing is rural sector. Even though some of the needy citizens who lives in Urban area are predominantly using feature phone.

In my point of view, government as well as device manufacturer should come out with solution which should cover both the device segment.

Based on my limited understanding,when the Aadhar server is already in place and user can use device only using the wireless devices then we should leverage the wireless network capabilities. In my point of view,the innovators sitting in wireless companies can solve the problem. We must remember that each aadhar card is attached with mobile number and most of the user do not surrender SIM but port to different network operator using MNP.

The initiative to map Aadhar with device will yield result but if one want better result than mapping aadhar with wireless operator will yield better results

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