Airtel Service Better than Reliance Jio - How


Reliance Jio launched its newly built 4G network and claims that it offers the best service. Most of the services based Applications and Platform for Consumer to Enterprise are off HD quality. They are claiming seamless high quality voice as they are using IP network. Here I would like to bring it to readers notice that Reliance Industry post their family division asked their corporate employees to move from Reliance Communications to Airtel and they were happy with Airtel Service. That is the reason that they took corporate voice and data service from Airtel and not moved to any other network.

Post their network readiness, just like political parties, they released to whip to its employee to move from Airtel and Reliance Jio followed by raising the Quality of service issues around Airtel and other network. The forced employees to use MNP to get the employees on their network. In my point of view, Being such a brand new network, Reliance Jio should support BYOD as well as it should be user decision to use Reliance Jio network or Airtel Network By using Airtel for more than 7 years, Reliance validated that Airtel Network is robust and they were happy with the services. Airtel should use these pointer's while selling their services

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It is a very tough to consumer to choose the right plan and operator.

Friday, 9 September 2016 at 02:52:00 GMT-7 delete

Its Obvious Airtel .. Reliance jio look like they make fools users.