Apple iPhone7 Launch - Expecting Radical Feature Upgrade with Enhanced Software


The buzz in the market post iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S launch that Apple is losing steam and may lose market share in 2016. Most of them predicted that Apple is not going to launch any devices or upgrade it in 2016 and that will lead to more market share gain by Samsung in 2016 and other Chinese player like Xiaomi, Oppo, Oneplus an others.

At that very point I pointed out that its too early to write off Apple Strategic move as they have the habit of refreshing of their portfolio by Sept so that they do carpet bombing by X'mas holiday season in their most lucrative markets like US, European Union countries, Japan, Korea and China where they generate most of their revenue.

Exactly the same thing happened when Apple announced that they are going to announce new product on 7 th Sept 2016 and that is today. Apple in the last one acquire more than 15 companies in the field of voice recognition, better capture aperture, Security, Data analytics, Artificial intelligence, Healthcare, predictive music  and many more.

It indicates that iPhone 7 may carry very strong software coupling based feature enhancement attached with security. We may see many services which they offer to their Apple user which in-turn help user to define their device as Make your own device "MYOD" which is completely missing in Android ecosystem. We may also see the enhanced battery and better screen resolution which might be coupled with enhanced camera feature.

Through Apple Store, Apple is already created a closed loop network and their recent acquisition will be give them more firepower to enhance their servicing segment which is generating hard cash which is very profitable.

We should also expect that their price point will start from around $750 t0 $800 for the lowest model whereas the highest grade model may cost you around $1150.

They may also launch some healthcare attached product line also with Smart watch. Let’s wait and it will pose great competition to Android ecosystem player without compromising their margin but infact will have super duper holiday season sales given the recent report that they have already increased the component order so that they don’t miss the chance

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