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Apple deserve our appreciation to continue follow the innovation path and surprise it's loyal customer base. The 7th Sept 2016 launch of iPhone series phone along with AirPod and Smart watch took competitor with surprise. As i mentioned in by article as well as video that one should be ready for the surprise and am happy to announce that our prediction about potential feature set came true given our continuous minute observation of Apple acquisition to CEO statements to competitor movement. Apple always believes in Classes rather than masses with clear understanding about both the Class and Mass segment.

The price point attached with AirPod will be super duper hit during holiday season and whoever disagree with me should wait for the Apple result of Dec 2016 quarter. The features of AirPod is going to make a kill given the battery support, charging mechanism and most suitable candidate for gifting purpose during holiday season.

“ Apple iPhone7 series devices with different storage option and price points are very competitive given the features around battery life camera, voice quality, Waterproof & dust protector; multi aperture camera with HD quality support, Audio quality converts it into Audio & Video centric product. “

The rigid innovative team of Apple showed lots of flexibility and came out with multiple color and most importantly included jet black and Matt Black. I strongly believe that these two additional colors will attract maximum booking during preorders.

I still remember Carl Ichan statement that he sold Apple Share as he don't see value given the current lineup of product but it's my recommendation to him to go and buy Apple equity without delay.

Many analyst firm like Canlays an others forecasting that Apple Unit sale will remain at the lower end even after great launch from Apple. I would like to remind the well established analytics players that one need to know the pulse of the people. Everyone kept their focus on iPhone 7 Series devices but I also took AirPod into consideration. Most importantly, Apple carry a brand value wherein all youngster wants to use it be it accessories or devices and there AirPod launch will attract many.

At the same time it is also expected that Apple will launch iPhone 7 series devices in top 50 markets whereas will reduce the price of existing portfolio in other 100 countries to bring in volume and will clear the inventory before phasing out series 5 and continue with iPhone6 series and iPhone7 series devices

I am also very optimistic about their services business where they have launched Smart Watch with Pokémon Go. We all should remember that Apple decision to integrate the game with Smart watch will attract hundreds of millions of users who are mad behind that game to go and buy Apple Smart Watch. The tactical move by Apple CEO Mr. Cook is nothing but a killer move. The price point kept for Smart Watch also in the range wherein masses in western countries will rush for.

Most of us were concerned about China market where Apple struggled in recent quarter, I believe that high end Chinese customer base will go for it and will ditch home grown device manufacturer given the quality of the product.

Regarding the profitability, I am sure that Dec 2016 quarter profitability will be record breaking given the fact that all major market where Apple generates most of their revenue is getting stable economically except Middle East.

Lastly but most importantly, Apple recent launched product will be face little to no resistance from the competitor side as its biggest competitor is struggling with their own Samsung Note 7 Battery problem and they are banned on Flights. Many of Samsung competitors may use Samsung problem as unique selling point that their battery is safe which intern is going to help Apple indirectly.

As conclusion, Apple again showed its class for which they are known and investor should invest in Apple post consultation with their financial advisers. At the same time, Consumers and presumes should buy the product without delay as the device is nothing but a moving office for you now.

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