Apple Super Success Prebooking - Sold Out Completely


Apple came out with iPhone 7 series with different storage option and color sold out completely. As per the report, jet black color attracted maximum buyers.  Today Apple new products will hit the store but unfortunately most of the buyer can't buy it but still can place orders.

As predicted earlier in my article, the kind of enhancement Apple integrated,  the products are bound to be super successful.

It will be very interesting to see how Smart watch sells goes through which is integrated with pokemon go as well ad Nike branded one.

In my point of view, as I predicted in my articles that price points are really attractive for Apple fan as well as New buyers.

Apple also released the price point of accessories and will attract additional revenue with huge margin.

The controlled ecosystem wherein they sell hardware, software,services and accessories are the basis of Apple differentiation in the marketplace as buyers trust brand as well ad quality.

I believe that this time around Apple will not release their sales through Prebooking but am sure that it will be super duper sales.

Apple announced new price of Iphone 6, Iphone 6s and  Iphone SE

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