Can't Carry Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Flights - Major Setback to Samsung and Good News for Others


In another jolt, today Indian Airline regulators DCGA barred air travellers to carry Samsung Note7 with them during flight. Given the premium category device,  millions of Indian user must be using the device. Recently Samsung recalled it's Note7 from market post frequent battery blast issue. Post government body action for the security and safety purpose is a welcome step but at the same time it's a major blow to Samsung Brand value.

I won't be surprised that it will also impact the sale of other Samsung Model as Indians are quick to change their perception. As Samsung Promised that they will relaunch their Note7 in coming weeks but no one knows the extent of technical glitch which prompt battery to be overheated. Another two to three week delay in launch will impact Samsung holiday season. In the meantime, Samsung must work on another model or launch it with another name as it is clear that their Note7 sales in India will be very low whereas it's an opportunity for Sony, LG and Apple to gain market share in the premium segment.

I Already said that  in my recent article tell everything about Samsung or apple . 

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