Future of Smartphone - User defined Hardware & Software Services

In recent years, world of mobility changed upside down. No one ever thought in early part of 2000 that mobility will become the essential ecosystem of consumer or prosumer life. The change in mobility also impacted PC & laptop world and now that segment is also offering mobility on the go.
Now days the mobility device configuration in most of the cases are at par with the PC & Laptop segment. In my point of view, mobility world predominantly in developed countries are not offering any differentiation as minor feature enhancements being used by the companies to sell the products to end consumer.
In my point of view, do we know as product companies about end consumer RAM or ROM or Applications or Operating system or screen or camera or resolution or screen size or productivity tool. For example I like company A product with older version of operating system but new version of chipset coupled with small screen. Unfortunately it's not offered in the market then I will be forced to buy another device and then buy or download additional applications or services to fulfill my requirements.
Since, most of the companies designing and producing Smartphone’s collaborate with ODM or own its own assembly plant.
In that scenario, consumer defined specification can be produced and shipped to them by charging the end consumer the premium for that.
Take another example of HP or Dell or any other laptop manufacturer wherein end consumer can increase or decrease the processing power to screen size and according companies charges end consumers.
 In today's Smartphone segment many companies like Sony, Samsung, HTC, and LG etc are offering Smartphones which is even more expensive than entry level laptop to high end laptops.

I believe that in coming months, we will observe companies like Samsung or Sony or someone else will come out in the market with this kind of proposition to differentiate themselves and it will be completely disruptive model in the market. Being a consumer if I am spending $800 to $1500 for Smartphone then I should be given the flexibility to define my device specification. It will off course improve brand loyalty

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