India 4G User Acquisition & Retention - Who is Suffering at the End


Reliance Jio entry into Indian Telecom sector started creating scenario wherein incumbent operators are at the spot.

Latest in the saga, Reliance Jio again approached TRAI and accused Airtel,Vodafone and Idea for blocking users who wants to port out of their existing service providers to Reliance Jio network.  The number involved in total is less than 200 and that shows Reliance Jio commitment towards their potential user.

At the same time, incumbent cannot let the user port out of the network till the guideline of the Mobile Number Portability set by TRAI.

Indian incumbent operators faced the music of MNP and how end user exploited it in 2012 to 2014 era  wherein user took the service of one operator with goodies and then ported out to another one post exhausting the goodies.

In 2012 to 2014 era challengers like Telenor  and others used MNP in their favor and acquire millions of user but unfortunately most of the user were low ARPU user.

It is surprising that based on the reports published in leading new paper not mentioned  Aircel, Reliance Communication and other which in my point bring me to a conclusion that Reliance Jio is only facing problems with three leading incumbent operator. It would be great to know about BSNL user requesting for porting out and it's status.

The real test of porting in and out using MNP will show its class post Reliance Jio start commercial service. Till Dec 31 st 2016 most of the Indian mobile users will try to misuse Reliance Jio service as it is free. I am also delighted that this time around Reliance Jio is so focused about consumer but at the end consumers are suffering. If any legitimate user trying to port out then they should not be used as dice to play competitive strategy. It's a common practice by operator to put across many clause as some of the end user through their past act forced incumbent operators to put across multiple clause related to exit.

For few, mass is suffering and both incumbent and Reliance Jio should solve it the way they did it with PoI

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