Is Jio and Incumbent Operators like Airtel/Vodafone/Others are Heading for Court Showoff

Post the TRAI initiated discussion to break the impasse between Jio and Incumbent operator resulted with next step. TRAI directed both the side to talk with each other and come out with solution. Incumbent Operator clearly stated that the traffic received by Incumbent from Reliance Jio is of asymmetrical nature and the cost per min for the terminating the Reliance Jio traffic should be paisa 30 instead of current termination charge of paisa 20.

It is clear that Reliance Jio will never agree to increase the price point which is being asked by the incumbent operator. Any increase in termination charges will adversely impact Reliance Jio business case whereas will hugely favor incumbent business case as the termination charges will be closer to net realization by the operator per min.

It is obvious that post the failure of talks, TRAI will come out and release an order which will be much lower than paisa 30 which will be protested by incumbent operators especially Airtel, Vodafone, Ideacellular in Court.

The moment any party goes to court will immediately put Reliance Jio request as status quo and at the same time Reliance Jio service experience by the end user will be bad. 

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