Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel Signed PoI Agreement - Good for Industry


In a major deadlock between Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel, today both the organization signed bilateral agreement which will pave the way for Bharti Airtel to offer hundred of PoI to Reliance Jio. As per the reports, financial aspects are not released but it is evident that Reliance Jio must be offering higher price point for the termination on Airtel Network or Reliance Jio must have given other commitment to share their infrastructure.

The speed of discussion and conclusion of agreement indicate that both the parties realized to take a path of reconciliation instead of conflicting with each other. It will also help Reliance Jio to get the deal done with other incumbent operators.

Is a good news for Reliance Jio user and their user experience and at the same time Incumbent Operator put across their concern on the table. Airtel also realized that post the commercial launch from 1st Jan 2017, the Call volume terminating on their network will go down dramatically as Indian user are very good in using free service to the maximum level.

It will be very interesting now to see the battle of acquiring new user as well as retaining the userbase. I expect that in next two to three weeks Reliance Jio will experience drastic fall in call drop whereas Incumbent will get time to recalibrate their marketing strategy to attract new user or retain existing user.

At the end, it's a win for Indian mobility user.

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