Samsung Note7 Vs Apple 7 - Apple Getting Free Goal Post


Recent incident of Samsung Note7 attached battery blast put Samsung in tight spot. It forced Samsung to recall their device from the market place and it will delay Samsung Note7 entry by two months. It will also cost them millions of $ in pulling out devices from the market and the replacement of all devices. Samsung  launched their Note series 7 in hurry to grab the market share and generate hefty profit in the absence of high end device from the competitors. 

Being an advocate of Samsung, they rely on the device design more than the software coupling. They are bound to integrate all the applications of Google which Google enforce on Android device manufacturer. On top of that  Samsung integrate their own Samsung Hub to generate money from the services but they failed to generate the same against the expected one. Samsung traditional way of differentiation is higher RAM, ROM, Screen and Resolution along with Camera.


Apple post tepid adoption of iPhone 6, Apple will come out with very strong Software coupling. Apple is known for Technology centric Software whereas keep their hardware simple and robust. iPhone 7 will get the free goal post with no player from Samsung post disastrous happening around Samsung Note7 attached battery Blast. Apple is expected to come out with enhanced battery, screen, camera, security and their centric ecosystem based multiple services. 

We should not expecting hardware design change from Apple but do expect number of Software defined Make your own device " MYOD"; will differentiate iPhone 7 completely from Samsung. We should expect bumper growth and adoption of iPhone device and record breaking profit of Apple during holiday period. I also recommended earlier that investor should buy Apple Share whereas Samsung investor should pull out as their profitability will be impacted very heavily.

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