TRAI Current Feeler on Point of Interconnect and Termination Charges - One Gaining, Rest Loosing


Based on the reports published in Economic Times, TRAI offered their intentions clear by sending out feeler that they are not going to allow Incumbent Operator such as Airtel , Vodafone, Ideacellular and others to ask for higher termination fee. They also indicated that Incumbent operators must provide required number of point of interconnect to Reliance Jio.

If I am not wrong, TRAI few days back released an statement that they recommended the concerned parties to resolve the concerns through talks. They also pointed out that in case both the parties will fail to come to common agreement then only TRAI is going to intervene.

Since Economic Times came out with the report and if I believe on that report then I want to ask TRAI very simple query that " How TRAI came to conclusion that talks will yield no result". " Why they are not focusing on revenue loss which will be incurred by Government given the impact of low per minute realization.

At the end its my assessment and i might be wrong that India is a place where the single agenda of regulators are to squeeze out player. Regulators must realize that any degradation of Incumbent mobile operator financial health means job losses, more NPA, impact on IT sector, Impact on Startups and loss of government revenue and more importantly another recession.

Its a right saying in India that If I am happy then rest happy; If I am sad then rest should be sad. Dear regulators please wake up...

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