TRAI Intervention to Settle Dispute Between Jio & Airtel,Vodafone,Idea cellular - Settlement will lose their Relevance


Post incumbent mobile service provider Airtel,Vodafone and others letter to PMO that they are not legally bound to give point of interconnect to enable Reliance jio initiated call to be terminated on Airtel or Vodafone or Idea cellular or others network. COAI president Rajan Mathews on records said that Airtel or Vodafone or Idea cellular or others don't have the financial strength to enhance their network or their existing network capabilities to handle such an humongous traffic and it will reduce their per min realization to 22 to 20 paisa which will lead to a situation where incumbent operator will start bleeding and will come to a situation wherein they may turn up as sick company. TRAI sudden change of heart to get the handshake done between incumbent and jio is to ensure that all are settled before spectrum auction ad government of India is expecting 5.6 lakh crore from auction and it will help government to fix their fiscal deficit.

In a scenario, incumbent operator agrees to offer point of interconnect and change their stand will be suicidal. It will give Jio a talking point that all the disruption were intentional instead of technical limitation.  It will change the perception of user that incumbent operator never wanted to reduce the cost of service. More importantly COAI will lose its relevance moving forward. It will be interesting to see the outcome but in my point of view that impass will remain be there and it will go to Supreme Court at the end which will impact Jio network performance and user experience.  At the end who will be the loser will be end user.

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