True Relationship vs. Cosmetic Relationship


I decided to share this article post long research of current society for the last 15 years. The article takes you through the social changes with time, money and I realised that mistrust is the basis of today relationship.

In 80's or even 2000 era when someone used to meet someone then they used to maintain the friendship to the maximum level and used to help each others. I still remember friendship of  my parents with their friend circle and even after 40 years the love and respect of relationship is so pure.
During that era the salary of Indian were not high and social relationship used to be on the basis of sheer love for respect, care and person intellect.

Many even went to an extent of getting each other family member settle down. I call that relationship True Relationship.

At the same time, in current environment,relationship is cosmetic in nature when one  try to outclass others through their materialistic approach. Many claim to be friend or brother or sister but when it comes to trusting someone who really try to help the other side, you may land in shock. Is it the result of competitive environment within society.

I came across one incident recently which forced me to believe that trust from the society is completely over. If you think that other side really care for you then you may get a setback as you don't know about the other side intentions.

At one end we talk about connected mobility to banking to commerce whereas miss the connected relationship. I call it cosmetic relationship. Please keep your eyes opened and one should have shiva like third eye to catch the double faces sweet relatives.

Feel pity for those ...

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