UN Permanent Security Council Should Act On Terrorism - Enough is Enough


Post multiple failures, I decided to pen down my views on UN. The message is for 5 permanent Security Council member countries as they need to forge common goal to fight terrorism rather than include their Political agenda to protect one or another countries or affiliate to make sure that no resolutions are passed.

The whole world is suffering from terrorism and it is acting like a missile for many countries. I start from nasty attack on World Trade Center, Multiple Attack in Bali, Multiple Attack in France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, India and many other countries. What Security Council is doing to curb it. In my point of view they are sitting blind folded. Why can’t all members come together and start blocking terrorism organization and block their accounts. If all five counties join hand then it will be matter of months to bulldoze terrorism.

As Mr. Modi categorically said in multiple occasions that there is no good or bad terrorism and all should stand together. There cannot be two policies when it comes to Terror outfit to countries and permanent countries should stop misuing the Veto power to favor one or another to their own interest.
At the end we are human being and we should also think about people who lost and losing their life, family who is suffering because of loss of their home earner.

We should also understand that this terrorism is actually the main showstopper in global recovery from recession. Many countries like Libya to Iraq to Syria all went into troubled water which impacted the overall growth story and at the same time the investment climate in developed countries where terror attack happened suffered loss of foreign direct investment.

We as human always think that if we are safe means all are safe but we should also think by putting yourself on sufferer shoe and then only we can feel the pain of the sufferer.

Still its not late as UN Assembly is going to start   and all member countries should send the stern message followed by action including all kind of sanction so that others don’t dare to do it again. If we fail to do so then the countries like North Korea will continue its mockery of great organization UN. If they fail then its not long before member countries will start considering them as Handicapped Organization. If reader agrees with me then please like and share with your friends and family. Its the time that every citizen irrespective of their locations to religion to stand firm and support the cause of eradicating terrorism once for all.

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