Why None of the Device Manufacturer Focusing on Feature Phone Segment - Missing the Masses


Indian Mobile Device market is witnessing major dynamic shift. Most of the device manufacturer are focusing on Smartphone and invest millions of $ in advertisement to promote their device whereas plays out with very low operating margin.

Post "Make for India" initiative initiated by Government of India, most of the domestic and international device manufacturers opened their factories or bought the assembly line from existing manufacturers  to ensure that they get the benefits announced by the government.

Indian Smartphone sell just crossed 100 million per annum which is only 10% of the total wireless user whereas command round 36% of the total device shipped in an year. It is interesting to note that there are more than 150 known and unknown Smartphone players operating in India and strongly feel that feature phone user will eventually move to Smartphone.

In my point of view, Smartphone players should correlated the earning dynamics of Indian population including poverty. They should also consider the average balance on normal device user and one will be surprised that it is even less than $1.

In a rush to capture Smartphone segment, most of the players are not monetizing feature phone or not investing in new features attached with Feature phone except some of the VAS player who provides games and WAP service. The Common comment from all that feature phone is having space constraint but if they want they can remove that constraint.

In any circumstances if Device manufacturer wants to make their venture successful then they must focus on feature phone and should also consider creating virtual VAS center.

How it can be done is simple and for that one should invest research $.

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