How Can You do Survey With Qsurvey New Android App


E2e Infotel analysis Pvt. Ltd launched Qsurvey application wherein one can post their survey followed by the end user response coupled with real time trending. The application consists of surveys based on the topics of our day to day lives, ones business centric, product centric or one can imagine off & covering all sectors of economy to politics to nature. Qsurvey application helps evaluate and analyse the interest and opinion of the masses within minutes can be used across geographies and language provided the device support particular language. 

The categories can be defined and refined dynamically based on ones requirements to capture one’s opinions which can be relied upon basis recent trend wherein the exit polls to surveys are coming on the opposite pole of the expectation.

The questionnaire development to deployment to provisioning is very simple supported with timer mechanism.

Follow these steps : -

1. Go to this link ( Qsurvey ) download and Install the app.

2. Register with your mobile number , DOB and Name 

3. Choose  the topic and start the survey !

 " Note: Personal details are not  to share with anyone. Its confidential "

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